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Wayne C. Kelly, P.E.
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Larry M. "Mike" Carney, P.E.
Vice President
Senior Electrical Engineer

M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. is a Jacksonville-based consulting engineering firm with more than 45 years of experience throughout the United States. The company provides mechanical and electrical engineering services to architects and developers as well as to many governmental agencies, with particular emphasis on commercial, institutional, industrial and correctional facility design.

The firm also provides engineering services for numerous athletic and entertainment complexes as well as for recreational / amusement theme parks. This experience extends from project inception and master planning for future facilities through systems installation and construction supervision. Specified areas of expertise include the engineering design of athletic stadiums, religious facilities, low and high rise commercial buildings, energy management system design and fountain design.

The firm's professional staff has extensive experience in project coordination and is intimately familiar with current technical requirements and construction methods. To maintain the firm's position at the forefront of engineering technology, the company is continually upgrading its computer-aided design and drafting systems, engineering design programs and sophisticated word processing equipment.

GatorBowl/Metropolitan Park, Jacksonville, Florida

Morris V. Cummings, founder of our firm, was a distinguished Professional Engineer whose reputation stands throughout the Southern United States to this day.  As an electrical engineer, Mr. Cummings began his career with Miller Electric Company of Jacksonville, Florida in the early 1950's. In 1955 he founded an association with civil and mechanical engineers as well as architects to form Register and Cummings, Inc.  By the late 1960's Register and Cummings grew to a 125 person firm with offices in Jacksonville, Port St. Joe, Florida and Ashville, North Carolina. The impact which this firm had on architecture and engineering during this period is evidenced by the many buildings that are still in use throughout the Southeastern United States.

After recovering from serious illness in the mid 1970's Mr. Cummings, "Mo" founded Cummings Engineers, Inc. to offer clients electrical engineering services. Aware of Mo's reputation, knowledge and experience many clients requested both mechanical and electrical engineering services. On December 7, 1981  M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc., as it exists today, was incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida. Morris V. Cummings served as President until his death on March 17, 1986.

In 1988, Mr. Wayne C. Kelly, P. E., assumed the position of President an CEO of M. V. Cummings Engineers and now presides as Senior Mechanical Engineer with Mr. Larry M. Carney, P. E., as Vice President and Senior Electrical Engineer in charge of general operations.

Primary School, Yulee, FLorida

Mechanical Engineering
M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. has designed virtually all types of mechanical systems over the last 45 years. The company's experience and project approach enable it to blend mechanical equipment and up-to-date control systems with both new and existing building conditions for maximum effectiveness. Proposed design solutions are pre-tested using the latest in computer technology to insure optimum system performance.

Over the years the range of mechanical projects accomplished by M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. extend from the design of roof top air conditioning units in to chilled water distribution systems with 4,500 tons of cooling capacity. Past projects have required the design of all types of utility distribution systems including steam, hot water, chilled water, gas and compressed air distribution systems. The firm's plumbing designers have a similar breadth of experience, from redesigning systems to providing specialized systems for laboratories and for environments utilizing corrosive materials.

The ability to understand and satisfy client needs and to identify any potential problems enables M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. to remain a leader in Mechanical systems design.

Dupont Station, Jacksonville, Florida

Electrical Engineering
The Electrical Engineering Department of M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. has had extensive experience in all types of electrical distribution systems, lighting design and telephone and computer equipment installations. The department consistently provides superior design, incorporating manufacturer's equipment and state-of-the-art installation techniques, which comply with local, state and national codes for safety and emergency concerns as well as energy conservation.

Electrical projects accomplished by the firm range from the renovation of building distribution systems to designing primary utility and secondary distribution systems for large multi-acre sites, including municipal developments, military installations, educational campuses and athletic complexes. Past projects include the design of lighting and power distribution for churches, recreational facilities, airports, and schools, as well as commercial and industrial projects.

Southbank Riverwalk  on the St. Johns River, Jacksonville, Florida

Project Team Development
M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. has established professional relationships with numerous architects, developers and corporations. The firm has demonstrated its ability to coordinate projects as a consultant while maintaining its commitment to successful teamwork in the design process.

M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. also has the ability to act as a prime consultant and to assemble its own team of design professionals committed to fulfilling a client's requirements, by acting as the single source for all of the required professional engineering and architectural services.

The Community Church, Vero Beach, Florida

By matching technical ability with innovative design, M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. has established itself as a leader in engineering. The firm's staff of administrators has worked with city and county governments as well as private clients to assist in the preparation of funding applications with state and federal agencies.

The professional level of individual talent at M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc., backed by the collective experience of the firm, assures the satisfaction of both client needs and environmental considerations.

The company uses specialized software to help determine the best equipment to use in particular situations. The firm's experience in designing for institutional, industrial and commercial facilities provide clients with the confidence to know that their projects will comply with all local codes while meeting the established design criteria.

Commuter Gate, Jacksonville International Airport, Florida

Philosophy and Representative Clients
The objective of M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. is to provide the highest level of professional services to its clients, the public and design professionals. The company's engineering staff strives to design high quality projects within budgetary limitations, and to conduct itself in an efficient, professional manner. The firm's continuing growth attests to its ability to design a project within budget, on time, and to the client's total satisfaction.

M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. has provided professional services to federal, state and municipal agencies, as well as many private clients. Department of Defense clients have included Savannah District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Southern Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command; Naval Coastal Systems Center, Panama City, Florida; Robbins Air Force Base, Georgia; Moody Air Force Base, Georgia; Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida; Naval Air Station Cecil Field, Florida and Naval Station Mayport, Florida.

State and local agencies served include, but are not limited to, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida; the City of Jacksonville, Florida; Duval County School Board, Jacksonville, Florida; Nassau County School Board, Fernandina Beach, Florida; State of Florida Department of General Services, Tallahassee, Florida and the U. S. Postal Service, Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Logistics Complex, Robbins Air Force Base, Georgia

M. V. Cummings Engineers, Inc. is a Small Business concern and complies with federal regulations regarding Equal Employment Opportunity.

The firm looks to the future with confidence instilled by past success and with renewed dedication to excellence in engineering design for its diverse clientele.

You can contact us by email at:  mvce@mvce.net